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I'm Linea!

Nice to meet you, I am part of a new generation of cookware that wants to transform the way you cook. See for yourself!

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We know that your routine can often be hectic. Therefore, we have created a very versatile product, which is compatible with all the appliances in your kitchen: stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher, freezer and refrigerator. The Linea pan is 100% ceramic. The lid is made of tempered glass with silicone edges and handle.

  • Start on the stove

  • Brown in the oven

  • Place on the table

  • All done? You can put it in the dishwasher

  • Have leftovers? It can go directly into the refrigerator or freezer

  • And for the next day? Just warm up in the microwave

Innovative Design

The modern and colorful appearance gives the pan the special touch it needed to have a permanent place on the table. And when it comes time to clean, you can use abrasive sponges without having to worry because the Linea pan does not scratch.

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Panelas Linea Oxford - Solaris
Panelas Linea Oxford - Aqua
Panelas Linea Oxford - Nanquim
Panelas Linea Oxford - Rosé

Antimicrobial & Sustainable

First pan on the market to adopt antimicrobial technology

Linea cookware features advanced antimicrobial nanotechnology. The glaze formula, which is the colored layer on the pieces, receives nanoparticles that reduce by 95% the proliferation of fungi and bacteria that come into contact with everyday objects.

More health for you and your family.


The ceramic pan was designed in line with Oxford's sustainable production process, with oxidant flame firing at a lower temperature, using natural gas, raw materials and saving natural resources.


This ceramic formula does not transfer any toxic substance to food.

Savings on the Stove

After the pan is heated, you can use low heat and save cooking gas.


In our kitchen, we like to eat well. To taste the food on every detail. To smell the food, salivate at its appearance and indulge in it. In our kitchen, eating well is an art!

Use Tips

Never used a ceramic pan before? We have some tips for you so that you can take full advantage of Linea cookware and make delicious recipes!

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